What is a Homeschool Co-op?

A homeschool co-op, or cooperative, is a group in which every member family participates to provide classes for the students.

Since 2000, we have encouraged the entire family to participate, including fathers and grandparents!

In 2014, our ministry began to shift our focus from creating co-ops to creating resources for parents or pastors who wish to start a homeschool co-op. For this reason, we are no longer accepting memberships. Instead, we are making resources available to anyone who wants to start a homeschool co-op.

The most important aspect of a co-op is that everyone does something.  Some parents teach, some set up and clean up, some are hall monitors, etc. Each person contributes to make the class day a success!

Who teaches what?

Some parents will volunteer to teach a specific class because their children need to cover this subject and think it will be more fun for them to share it with a group. Others teach certain topics just because they enjoy teaching them.  We tell parents who are unsure about teaching to really think about what they love to do or learn about.  If you like scrapbooking, teach it!  If you enjoy biology, chances are that another parent just like you will be happy to assist you.

Don't be surprised If another parent in the co-op hears that you have a particular talent and asks if you would consider teaching that subject. It's how we are able to offer such a wonderful variety of classes.

Co-op Resources

Co-op Leaders Handbook

The first resource you will need to lead a successful Homeschool Co-op is our Co-op Leaders Handbook.

This handbook explains all of the successful things we have learned in running homeschool co-ops since 2000! It will give you so many ideas, resources and pitfalls to avoid. Read through this first before putting any of your plans in to motion.

Firmly Planted Family Bible Study

The Firmly Planted Family Bible Study was originally designed and used in our chartered co-ops. Each book is a 10 week walk-through the bible. Each week is spent with a major story from the bible. Co-ops can introduce the weeks theme in chapel and the families can continue the daily studies through the week at home. These books can be purchased individually in our bookstore or with a site license in digital or print for a co-op.


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