We Have a Building!

Thank you everyone who has been praying and giving to see a homeschool resource center in Clark County! It's happening!

A generous donor has provided a 17,000 square foot building in the heart of Vancouver, WA. This building is beautifully landscaped and set up with 15 large offices ready to be used for classrooms and curriculum resources. A very large warehouse will provide plenty of room for programs that need more room. Programs like music and arts, indoor sports, science and anything else we can dream up!

We are thrilled to move forward with a homeschool resource program that many of us have dreamed of for years.

Building location:

11100 34th Cr.
Vancouver, WA 98682

We plan to begin offering resources to homeschooling families at this new location in October 2017.

There are still many things to be done and setup expenses to be worked through. If you would like to help us get this project ready for our October start date, please give a tax free donation of any amount to our Firmly Planted Family 501c3.

Stay tuned for more information and/or email info@firmlyplantedfamily.org or call 360-687-5433.

A Full-time Homeschool Resource Center in Clark County, WA

We have a vision—and it includes you!

Homeschooling in our area is growing rapidly. We have been active in starting homeschool co-ops throughout the area, but as the culture changes, the vision must change with it.

Because of changes in the culture, the landscape of homeschooling is changing. Instead of being simply drawn to homeschooling because of the benefits it offers, many of today's parents are running from a system that is no longer working for them.

We want to give them something to run to.

Today's homeschooling parents are looking for more than access to homeschool co-ops that meet once a week. Clark County does not have a bookstore for homeschool families. We've observed the need for a full-time homeschool resource center to assist parents.

Homeschooling is a wonderful commitment—and it requires parents who possess two things: dedication to the educational success of their children and access to the tools they need to be successful.

Firmly Planted Family wants to provide these parents with a place where they can find three things: curriculum, community and classes.

Firmly Planted Family is opening Clark County’s first FULL TIME Homeschool Resource Center. The center will be open five days a week and offer a variety of things to any family interested in homeschooling.

Academic opportunities

  • High school classes
  • Electives
  • Science labs
  • Foreign Language
  • Music
  • Art
  • Drama

Training for parents

  • workshops
  • special needs training
  • transcript help
  • counseling


  • Lending library
  • Curriculum bookstore
  • Testing


  • Special events
  • Field trips
  • Speakers
  • Civics opportunities
  • Opportunities for young mothers and their children


Homeschool Achievement Confirmed

In 2009, NEHRI surveyed 11,739 homeschooling students and their families from all 50 states through 15 independent testing services, The report, “Homeschool Progress Report 2009: Academic Achievement and Demographics” is the most comprehensive study of homeschool academic achievement to date.

The results support the large existing body of research on homeschool academic achievement and show that homeschoolers, on average, scored 37 percentile points above their public school counterparts on standardized achievement tests. 

The study also found that the achievement gaps common to public school students were practically insignificant when compared to students in the homeschool community.

Study conducted by Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute.




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