What is the Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center?

The Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center (FPHRC) exists to equip and connect homeschooling families, providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive in their homeschooling journey. We desire to see every homeschool parent flourishing and confident, every student growing, and challenged.

As an organization, we are committed to empowering students, parents and teachers to pursue education within a broad Christian framework. The Center is committed to bringing a variety of resources to families in order to achieve a common goal: educating and preparing a generation of children to take their place as a voice of Christ’s love and as leaders in their own communities and beyond.

Is Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center a school?

Simply put: NO. We are advocates for homeschooling families. As a homeschool resource, we strive to support parents in whatever educational style they determine is best for their child.

To this end, the HRC is a consortium, not a school. A school has employed teachers, a comprehensive syllabus and learning philosophy for every grade, every subject and every teacher.

A consortium, on the other hand, is an association of individuals who come together with the objective of pooling their resources to achieve a common goal. Our facility will be host to dozens of individual tutors and instructors who are not employees, but rather independent sub-contractors.

Each instructor will decide which courses they wish to teach, establish their own learning objectives, select their own text or other learning resources and guide their students on a unique learning journey each semester. We expect texts and resources may change from one semester to the next.

What classes are offered?

Classes will vary from term to term—based on what parents and area educators o er to teach. We will be lling class o erings based on AGE & INTEREST:

By Season:

Seedlings - our weekly program designed to support and encourage families with young children
Primary - Classes designed to students ages 6-10
Intermediate - Classes and activities designed for students ages 11-13
High School - Classes and activities designed for students ages 14-18

Parent Educators - Classes, workshops and opportunities designed with homeschooling parents in mind

By interest:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Science
  • History
  • Language Arts
  • Foreign Language
  • Home Economics
  • Apprentice (HS) Sports
  • Dance
  • Civics
  • Community Service
  • Theology
  • Computer Science
  • Animation
  • Film Photography
  • Culinary Arts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Law & Justice

A heart for the whole family

Because we believe that the success of homeschooling is due in part to strong families who have access to many kinds of educational and community support, we will offer more than classes for students. Other resources will include a bookstore, early childhood support, adult education classes, a lending library, music program, performing arts and much more. Every resource is offered on an à la carte basis and parents are invited to choose which resources best t the unique needs of their family.

Why A la carte?

We understand that everyone’s homeschool journey looks different, and each family is seeking support in areas unique to them. We strive to provide classes and other resources that are as eclectic as the people we are serving. Every semester will be different, with core classes remaining consistent. Options will range from offerings like beginning watercolors to advanced physics. We hope everyone will find a place to fit it!

Why choose FPHRC?

We are so much more than a location for classes, an awesome bookstore and a place where kids can learn art and music, we are a community. Our heartfelt desire is to see parents equipped and supported so that they can help their students be successful in their journey, too. From coaching on transcript writing and curriculum consultation, to relaxing in the cafe while your children are in class, the Firmly Planted Resource Center has a variety of outlets to support parents in every way. It is a place to build lasting friendships, and support, and journey together.

Too Young to Homeschool? Seedlings is just for you!

At the FPHRC, we want to support families at every stage of homeschooling—after all, every parent is homeschooling at one point or another! If your oldest child is five-years old or younger, we invite you to join our Seedlings program!

Seedlings is a member-only program that offers classes and get-togethers for moms of preschool age children. Members of Seedlings will have the opportunity to participate in a weekly gathering of other young moms, where they will be encouraged an equipped. Some days will involved mommy-and-me activities, and other days, nursery and preschool workers will be provided to watch your little ones while you take break, grab a cup of coffee and hang out in the bookstore. Many other resources such as access to field trips designed with preschoolers in mind, and workshops for young parents included in your Seedlings membership.

New to Homeschooling?

This is the place for you!! Start your journey on the right foot by gleaning wisdom and direction from experienced homeschooling parents. Receive consulting on which curriculum to choose, attend classes geared for rookie homeschoolers and even learn how to discover your child’s unique learning style! Get your kids connected in the homeschool community. At the HRC, we’ve got your back... and your books!

Code of Conduct

Whenever Center students are on field trips, or performing for the community, we will expect them (and their parents) to abide by the same code of conduct they do while at the center. We’re a little old-fashioned that way. For example, we’ll ask that students (and their parents)

  • Be respectful, in speech and behavior

  • Be helpful (pitch in!)

  • Be courteous toward others

  • Be honest

  • Be on time

Been Homeschooling for a while?

The HRC is the vision of long-time homeschool parents of seven, Jay and Heidi St. John. We want it to be a sort of “one stop shopping” where you can meet new friends, find some encouragement, get your curriculum and volunteer to help other parents as they homeschool their kids. For parents who are interested, some of our tutors offer accredited classes for middle school and high school levels.

Do you have an idea? We’d love to hear it.

Homeschooling a High Schooler?

We are working on an apprenticeship program, where students can “shadow” a professional for one quarter a year. Veterinary medicine, engineering, CAD drafting, nursing and architecture are just a few of the programs we would like to see at the Center.

Why membership?

While membership is not required to participate in classes, it is highly encouraged. Once a member, class admin fees will be cut in half, you will have access to free classes, free resources, free consulting sessions, and many other resources.


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